Tate Kenney


What is your job?
Skateboard shaper/sander/sawdust miner/wheel well & gas pedal artist

How old are you?
21 Years of age

Vancouer, BC born and raised

Years skating?
4 years on a longboard. Beginning year 1 in ramp & bowl.

Other Hobbies?
Dance partying, snowboarding, table top rpg's, and good movies & shows

Favorite board?
Rocker mold customs

Favorite place to skate?
Giants head, giants head... giants head

Favorite animal?
Koala bears

If you could combine 2 animals together, What would be the deadliest animal on earth?
Wolverine + octopuss = wolverpuss

If you were going to be stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?
A large and aggressive hunting/ skinning knife, a trained wolverpuss, and a large bottle of anti biotics.