Nate Schumacher


What you do: Sales


Age: 23


Hometown: Kamloops, BC


Years spent on a skateboard: too many to count on my fingers


Best Place you've skated: good ‘ol Van City


Craziest place you want to skate: Brazil


Favorite Board: Dingy w/60mm Bertz set up nice and loose


What the future holds: A boat load of uncertainty... just how I like it


Favorite Artists: Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, TV on the Radio, Anything with killer beats or rippin guitar


Favorite Song: Waters of Nazarith - Justice


What you had for lunch: Cold pizza, glass of coke and an apple to keep the doctor away


I wish I could... have unlimited wishes


Best thing you ever saw in an alley: My "new" mattress


Something nobody knows about you: I'm a ninja... but keep it on the D L


Last song you heard: March of the pigs - NIN


Inspirations: the art of Snowboarding


Fork or Spoon? Forky Spoony? You can't say no to a good spooning


Give me some #'s: 321698452