What you do: As with all creatures, big and small, I am simply energy and matter bonded together, moving at microscopic high frequencies. As a collection of said matter and energy, what I do is simple. I exist as a conglomerate of these things. Perhaps you are meaning to quander on everything that is accomplished, manipulated and manifested as a result of my own existence. Well.... I keep up to date on my blog and sometimes pee where I shouldn't.


Age: I am wise beyond my years, physical age should not be of any relevance


Hometown: I'm not sure where I'm from, how I got here, nor how I learned to type, let alone compose my thoughts so eloquently, sorry.


Years spent on a skateboard: Ive been sleeping on the various decks at the factory store for a few years now.  Im sure it adds up to more than a year straight.


Craziest place you want to skate: I want to race Danger Bay with the humans


Favorite Board: The Chop Speed.  Lesser, unworthy, undeserving boards are cut up to make these decks. I take comfort in that.


What the future holds: My claws vs your eyeballs


Favorite Artists: Monet and Rembrandt, anything from the renaissance era demonstrating the beauty in realism as an art form.


Favorite Song: Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse


What you had for lunch: Premium grade cat food. I am baller


I wish I could... have a jetpack, so that I could fly after any birds that try and escape my wrath


Best thing you ever saw in an alley: myself in a mirror... Just look at those eyes.


Something nobody knows about you: I had worms. They're gone now, but I miss the company sometimes.


Last song you heard: The beautiful songs of birds singing...shortly before I brought before them their demise


Inspirations: Cthulhu


Fork or Spoon? Fangs and claws, yo


Give me some #'s: 778 785 6855 you bring the cat nip, Ill bring the good times