Katie Neilson


What is your job? I like to see that cool stuff that needs to be done is taken care of


How old are you? 24


Hometown? Vancouver BC


Years skating? A lot, 5 longboarding, a bunch before that

Other Hobbies? I play guitar, I have a cat. Um.... I don't know what else I do that would be interesting to you


Favorite board? I can't wait for the tomahawk, sw 37


Favorite place to skate? Lots of places.  Favorite places so far have been giants head, tuna canyon, Col De La Bonnett in France, and Teutonia


Favorite animal? My cat Angelica


If you could combine 2 animals together, what would be the deadliest animal on earth?
Angelica + A lobster = Kitten with real claws and cuteness


If you were going to be stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?
Guitar, partner in crime and a toothbrush