Aaron Brown


What you do: New product design, part modeling, manufacturing logistics, prevent forest fires.

Age: 25

Hometown: Bennington, VT (An unofficial annex of the States)

Years spent on a skateboard: 9 years

Best Place you've skated:
Vancouver, BC!

Craziest place you want to skate: The Sun, with the appropriate shoes, of course.

Favorite Board: Landyachtz Hemp/Glass Lil' Thug

What the future holds: Ask me tomorrow.

Favorite Artist: Me.

Favorite Song: Paranoid Android by Radiohead

What you had for lunch: Tuna-fish with pickles. I f'ing love pickles.

Best thing you ever saw in an alley: A guy smoking crack off his bare hand. Whoa.

Something nobody knows about you: Well this question would really ruin that wouldn't it?

Last song you heard: The Acorn Factory by The Dodos

People, music, snow, wheels, candy

Fork or Spoon? Nope

Give me some #'s: 802!