Andrea Sebestova



What is your job? Office administrator


How old are you? It's not polite to ask the lady about her age!:)


Hometown? I think it's over 10 000 km's away! If you wanna google it, type Trinec, Czech Republic


Years skating?  I had my first street deck in age of 10, my parents didn't like it though, I got back on the board around 2005?


Other Hobbies? Way too many to afford, haha painting, drawing, snowboarding, photography, hiking


Favorite board? Carbon mummy!


Favorite place to skate? East Van


Favorite animal? Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs......


If you could combine 2 animals together, what would be the deadliest animal on earth?
That'd be drunken bear-spider Cyclops!

If you were going to be stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?
My dog if I had one, laptop with internet connection, camera