Liam Mckenzie


What you do: Sales


Age: 28


Hometown: Mississauga, ON


Years spent on a skateboard: 6


Best Place you've skated: Summerland


Craziest place you want to skate: Jebel Hafit


Favorite Board: Dingy


What the future holds: Skateboarding, Skimboarding, Skiing


Favorite Artists: Immortal Technique


Favorite Song: Regulators by Nate Dogg and Warren G


What you had for lunch: Peanut butter with banana sandwich sprinkled with hemp seed nut


I wish I could... Pave my own downhill runs


Best thing you ever saw in an alley: Alley Darts


Something nobody knows about you: I can read


Last song you heard: Hit ‘em Up - 2pac


Inspirations: Farley Mowat and my mom


Fork or Spoon? Fork then spoon, or spoon then Fork... whatever works best for you


Give me some #'s: Eleventy Billion and Three