Name: Nick Breton

Date of Birth: Aug. 1st, a long time ago.

Hometown: Flatlands, AB, home of Local 124.

Current Residence: Eastside of Vancouver, BC.

Stance: Depends on the issue.

Who’s got style?: Rizzo, McG.

Who do you normally skate with?: Beerman of a Million Tries and FuckFace

Influences?: NdGT

What do you do when you’re not skating?: Books, Coffee, Gin, Bikes, Science

Slashing Setup: Loco 33, PB 155s, 90a Street Hawgs

Website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram etc.:, Instagram: @nicholasbreton Twitter: @nbreton

Loco 35 Polar Bear 155's 62mm Street Hawgs

The Top Speed Precision Grizzlies 70mm Biggie Hawgs

Loco 33 Polar Bear 155's 62mm Street Hawgs