Age? .22

Where are you from? Summer Summerland

Biggest Influence? My Grandpa, Donald Craig. Just a huge boss hog ganster reppin' the 21 REBELS.

Favorite part of skating? You can skate anything, even though it's not designed to skate. Just haulin' ass is pretty dope too

If you could be anything other than human what would you be? Space

Combine 2 animals to combine the deadliest animal alive! An air breathing octopus and a pterodactyl. WHAT?

If you never got into skating what would you be doing instead? Probably rippin' fighter jets or exploring space. I like to keep it pretty chill.

Wolfshark Precision Grizzlies 70mm Mini Zombies

Wolfshark Precision Grizzlies 70mm Biggie Hawgs

Loco 33 Polar Bear 155's 62mm Street Hawgs