Rider Owned and Operated

At Landyachtz we believe that the best work comes from employees that are passionate about what they do. Our employees, over 95% being skaters themselves, can take pride knowing that they boards that they are sanding, pressing, shipping, selling or designing are going to go into the hands of fellow rippers. Outside of work you'll find them on the local hills, at the races and cruising around town on the boards that they help create. When they aren't too busy skating the world, many of the Eh Team riders like Dillon Stephens, Justen Ortiz, Nick Breton, Travis Craig, Charlie Darragh, Ryan Theobald and Blake Startup are here working hard alongside the rest of our crew helping to push everything to a whole new level.


By having such a large team of talented skaters in house, we've also created an environment where innovation thrives. Our team is always excited to skate the newest board, even if it doesnt exist yet. With the right tools and expertise, our team can turn an idea into reality in under a day. Workers are able to try out new ideas they have, tweak existing boards and go shred them to see what works best.