Name: Charlie Darragh

Date of Birth: 10/24/95

Hometown: East Van

Current residence: East Van

Stance: Goofy

Who’s got style? (skate-related or not): A$AP Rocky

Who do you normally skate with? : Aidan Lynds

Influences? : Gangster Rap

What do you do when you’re not skating?- : I'm a rapper, check out our wheels.

How's the view from up there? : I'm not THAT tall

Downhill Setup: CharlieHorse

Freeride Setup: CharlieHorse

Slashing Setup: Loco 33/35

Social media:,, Twitter: @CharlieFromEVan, Instagram: @charliefromeastvan

Top Speed Precision Grizzlies 70mm Mini Zombies

Top Speed Precision Grizzlies 70mm Biggie Hawgs

Loco 33 Polar Bear 155's 57mm Street Hawgs